Looking for freelancers with Unity, Unreal 4/5, Babylon, 3D environment, Decentraland experience


Hello, we are looking for 2 freelancers who can do any of the following: - Design gallery / museum or showroom where users can walk in and buy products like here and also access from Oculus VR headset with interactions: https://virtualstore.lauramercier.com/worldofbeauty/#/room1-right - Create a 3D metaverse space and deploy it to either Decentraland, sandbox or spatial. For example, a commercial building with offices inside and furnitures/avatars around. - Create the scenes and host a meeting or event in the metaverse, for example a business meeting with employees, a wedding or a party wearing VR headsets. We are a studio based in Barcelona that creates immersive experiences for businesses in the E-commerce space (healthcare and beauty products mostly) and events about different topics, so we would like to find freelancers for the long-term with real case studies or proofs that they have actually done any of the work mentioned above. So please kindly provide reference links to your case studies and your website or portfolio, thank you!

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