The story of Mark3d or why Metaverse might become the new digital God

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Philosophical intro

Metaverse is one of the biggest trends of the century, and there is no other topic that would excite and frighten humans so much. Probably it has happened because humans are tired of reality, the reality which is so hard to control and balance.

Sometimes it seems that Homo Sapiens have entirely failed to find the right way of intellectual evolution, and the world society is drowning in primitive consumption, poverty, and inequality. So the Metaverse will become the escape, the virtual Wonderland, where everything will become possible. Our three-dimensional physical world is full of unique and beautiful things and 3D specialists, designers, and architects who created them. The Metaverse is gotta be filled with virtual objects and spaces in the same way. The time has come to shape virtual reality, and let’s hope it will help us to rebuild the real world into a better place by showing us a mirror of better versions of ourselves.

Even though there is a chance for humans to use the Metaverse for good, most probably, we will bring there the whole mess from reality but will multiply it x100 (at least). First of all, imagine there is a fully immersive reality, which looks and feels sometimes even better than reality, and there is an all-mighty AI that knows everything about everyone because everything is based on open-source code and transparent blockchains. Most probably, in this case, AI will turn into something like a government, but it will be so powerful and so intelligent that for a human being, it will become like the voice of a God, a voice of the supreme live being, that knows everything and therefore controls everything. Most probably, we will want to become the one with this global computer and one day, people will learn how to abandon their bodies and become truly immortal by bringing their consciousness into the computer.

There is one fact, which is impossible to deny now, the new Web3.0 connection between a human and the World Wide Web will be the new 3D Internet. It is going to live all around us thanks to AR technologies, and at one point, reality will become the XR, but thanks to VR technologies, we will have the full immersion mode, where everything is possible. People are going to do everything in the Metaverse, study, play, work, buy clothes, and then maybe one day, teenagers will stop using the word Internet and start to call it all a Metaverse.

Who knows what Metaverse will bring, social madness or global unity, or both? Only we, true BUIDLers are in charge now of what it is going to be. We are living and working currently in Third World War conditions, and this war is not against countries, this battle is between Jedis and Siths, and it is time to choose your side.

Technical vision as a solution

My name is UnderKong, and together with my partner, we are leading a technical team of young and dedicated Web3 engineers and a brigade of creative community marketing Jedis=) Together we are building Mark3d — Essential tools for the new 3D internet. The decentralized and transparent economic system of the Interoperable Metaverse is the key to justice for the whole future society.

We see Mark3d as a Web3 engine with a complete set of tools to connect the spatial web with NFT, DeFi, and DAO protocols at the end of the day. Our goal is to become a universal economic toolkit for the interoperable Metaverse and will give game developers a gateway to connect to the interoperable Metaverse.

In the early stage, Mark3d has a target audience that can be divided into two groups:

  • 3D creators. We are talking about architects, industrial designers, game designers, landscape designers, fashion designers, civil engineers, and others who work with 3D modeling.
  • Virtual worlds creators. These guys are developing games and virtual worlds/scenes.

Mark3d Alpha allows creators to mint their 3D assets and spaces and use them in any virtual world like Decentraland, Somnium, W3rlds, or others. In the future, Mark3d will help to convert all widespread 3D formats into .glb/.gltf or .usdz files. The unique technical feature of Mark3d is that any NFT has three layers, so the creator can add any file into the hidden folder, and access rights will belong only to the owner of the NFT:

  • Public Data Layer using IPFS;
  • Private Data Layer using Filecoin;
  • Computation Layer using FVM (Filecoin Virtual Machine).

In the future, we plan to provide tools such as SDK, smart contracts, API, and Oracles for games and virtual world (e.g. metaverse) developers. Mark3d maintains FVM, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains. Bridges into other blockchains will be added in the future.

Mark3d Alpha features

Mark3d will have four main sections:

  • Metaverse Explorer — an informative and complete list of all existing 3D virtual world projects with their technical requirements;
  • 3D Market — interface and smart contracts for viewing, minting, and listing NFTs on FVM with a feature to upload files of any size into a hidden folder on Filecoin; When NFT is sold, access rights are also transferred too.
  • Namespaces — by minting .3d domains, early adopters will join the DAO. In the future, we have a vision that it will make a lot of sense to let any community member attach their virtual space to a .3d domain.
  • MetaEden — our own fantastic magic virtual world, a digital Eden Garden for the first 3D creators of the Metaverse. If smart contracts are the heart of Mark3d, then Meta Space is the soul of our project.

Decentralize, but unite

We have a long-term vision, and we are looking for the right incubation or acceleration program which is related to Filecoin or is at least fully dedicated to Web3. We believe that now is the best time to BUIDL, so when by the time the next bull market is going to come, we would be already to welcome it with a reliable product and loyal community. We plan to create a truly decentralized DAO for Metaverse builders, and we understand how complicated this task is. We are looking to unite the most inspired and creative 3D creators from around the globe and give them the tools and knowledge to truly own their content, identities, copyrights, and assets. There are thousands of students who are right now studying at faculties that are related to 3D graphics and modeling. The bravest ones will become our early adopters and will help us to run the customer development. We also plan to release a technical article about our solutions on Filecoin and apply for the grant. We believe, that this shall become our validation and a ticket into a proper acceleration program, which will lead us to the right partners. May the force be with us on this path.

To be continued…

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